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WS-Rooney, Benchtop Can Seamer

The Rooney was designed to bring our customers a budget-friendly option for all at-home or low volume canning needs. If you’re a small business just starting out, or a home based business that’s wanting to can your own products, this is the machine for you. With 10-12 cans per minute you’ll have your product canned in no time! This is a bench top seamer that uses standard 110 power with semi-auto and manual power modes. When the switch is on “manual” the machine operates off a button, when on “auto” is operates as soon as you pull the lever down.


Type: Semi-Auto
Style: Benchtop
Cans Per Minute: 10-14
Diameter: 211-603
Can Height: 1-7 Inches

All Equipment is Fully Adjustable


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