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No. 1 Western Can Seamer
No. 1 Western Can Seamer
No. 1 Western Can Seamer
No. 1 Western Can SeamerNo. 1 Western Can Seamer

No. 1 Western Semi-Automatic Closing Machine

The No. 1 Western is our free standing semi-auto seamer, with an experienced operator you can run up to 15 cans per min. This machine is very user friendly which makes it rather easy to figure out! Perfect for the smaller can manufacturer this unit is smaller and can fit on a bench top. The No. 1 Western works great in a stage based line. Fill your cans with product on a staging table, grab a can and lid, place assembled can in the machine, actuate machine, remove your seamed can and continue your process.


Type: Semi-Auto
Style: Free Standing
Cans Per Minute: 12-15
Diameter: 211-603
Can Height: 2-13 Inches

All Equipment is Fully Adjustable


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